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Each September we welcome a new group of volunteers. Our volunteers come to us from all over the world, creating diverse households in which we grow and learn from one another. These young people come to live and work with people with disabilities, learning practical skills with numerous applications.

















They are valuable and indispensable members of the household, offering true friendship and significant support and care for our residents with disabilities. They may start each day with tooth brushing and end with a story. Time is taken to acknowledge the challenges and accomplishments of the day. Coworkers, we can't do it without you! 





















Coworkers are expected to work for one calendar year. They are provided with free room and board, six weeks of vacation and a stipend for out-of-pocket expenses.  

Internships with additional pay are also available to US citizens with more experience.  


To find out more about becoming a coworker or intern, please contact us!  

Internships Coworkers


Each year we welcome applications for those interested in becoming an intern with us and learning through hands-on experiences.    


This is a demanding job, requiring good energy and a joyful outlook. Rewards are both specific and tangible but also immeasurable. 
















We want interns who are excited to learn and support others. The type of person we are looking are are those who:




Benefits for being an intern include:


  • A fully furnished room and meals included


  • Generous monthly stipend


  • Hands-on experiences in the path you choose


  • Experience living in a life-sharing community


This opportunity is open to anyone who is an American citizen, is excited to share their lives with those who are disabled, and is looking for a unique and excited way to learn!


If interested, you can contact us at To apply, you will need:

  • A resume

  • A 1 page cover letter answering the question: (insert)?

    • Within the cover letter, please state which intern path you would like to apply for.​

Volunteer Coworkers

NON-DISCRIMINATION:  High Spirit Community Farm, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, familial status or disability in its hiring. 

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