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1770 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 101          142 Seekonk Cross Road                       Aurora House 142 Seekonk Cross Road

Cambridge, MA 02140                             Great Barrington, MA 01230.                  Seekonk House: 144 Seekonk Cross Road

email:  contactus@highspirit.org               phone: 413-717-5250                           Tembo House: 138 Seekonk Cross Road

                                                             email: Leveroni@highspirit.org


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Who We Are


High Spirit Community Farm, Inc., owns and operates therapeutic residential and farm-based work programs for adults with intellectual disabilities in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The adults with disabilities live and work together with their caregivers in a warm, supportive family environment, integrated into every aspect of household life and actively participating in the care of the community's farm. All household members are afforded an opportunity to learn from each other and to develop a sense of belonging, purpose and accomplishment.

High Spirit is an approved placement, licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services. 

Spring Work Day 2017


High Spirit hosted its annual spring work day. We had lots of willing volunteers come out to help us with projects around the farm. A mobile chicken coop was built, brush was burned, vegetable beds built, and an irrigation system was installed in our garden. We are so grateful to the hardworking hands and cheerful hearts of all our volunteers. Thank you for making High Spirit such a beautiful and special place. We are looking forward to having each of you back!

Visit our gallery page for more pictures!

High Spirit is a 501(c)(3) organization certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services to provide residential services to adults with intellectual disabilities.

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