Program Leadership

High Spirit's residential programs are lead by individuals drawn to the work of living in community with people with and without disabilities.  Each of our lifesharing homes has two Householders and two or three co-workers who typically spend a year with us, working as interns under the supervision of the Householders.  For inspiration, we look to Camphill Communities around the world.  From them, we've learned the beauty of building a community of people who are interdependent.

Derek and Lesley (and June)


Seekonk Householders Derek and Lesley Eshelman joined High Spirit in 2013.  They bring rich life experiences to High Spirit's residential and farming programs.


















Derek is a graduate of Oberlin College and the Stanford University School of Education, where he obtained a masters degree in secondary education.  Lesley is a graduate of Macalaster College.  Prior to moving to Massachusetts about two years ago, Derek taught high school and Lesley worked as a social worker, dedicated to bettering the lives of the San Francisco Bay area's homeless population.


In 2012, the two settled in the Great Barrington area to devote their considerable energy and enthusiam to farming and life sharing. Before coming to Seekonk House, they worked at Blue Hill and North Plain Farms in Great Barrington, dairy farms loosely associated with the North Plain Farm life sharing community.   





After moving into Seekonk House, Derek and Lesley added a puppy to the mix - June. June is much loved by all members of the household.

Austin and Ashley

Austin and Ashley Smith joined us in 2017.   Austin and Ashley first came to High Spirit to visit their friends, High Spirit Householders Aly and Troy.   Inspired by that visit, they began thinking about what it would mean for them to make a big life change, to share their lives with people with disabilities.   



















After more return visits and many conversations with other Householders and Board members they formalized their sincere interest by coming to High Spirit for a three-month internship.


Austin and Ashley then took the leap of leaving jobs and home in Pennsylvania and have begun work as our newest Householders.  We are very glad they did!

Jennifer Leveroni

Agency Director

Jen came to High Spirit in 2017.   Jen is in charge of managing our residents' contracts as well as new admissions.  Jen comes to us with over 19 years in the field of case management for people with developmental disabilities and providing administrative support for those who provide direct care.   For admissions inquiries please contact Jen directly at 413-717-5250. 

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