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1770 Massachusetts Ave., Suite 101          142 Seekonk Cross Road                       Aurora House 142 Seekonk Cross Road

Cambridge, MA 02140                             Great Barrington, MA 01230.                  Seekonk House: 144 Seekonk Cross Road

email:  contactus@highspirit.org               phone: 413-717-5250                           Tembo House: 138 Seekonk Cross Road

                                                             email: Leveroni@highspirit.org





Our Mission

High Spirit Community Farm fulfills an essential need for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing meaningful work, a dignified home and a rich social and cultural life.  To that end High Spirit:


  • Provides and supports homes where our community members live as a family.


  • Directs a land-based work program, offering on the job training in agricultural work and sustainable practices.



  • Expects our members to be responsible, participatory, considerate citizens of the High Spirit community and the larger world.


  • Trains young volunteers to provide care to disabled peers and inspires them to be leaders as respectful, inclusive and conscientious adults.


  • Serves as a catalyst for investment in this model of care, community and service.